Anderson Cooper is My Hero

I’ve always enjoyed Anderson  Cooper’s reporting. I don’t particularly like CNN as a network, but Anderson Cooper always seems to shine in the midst of the toughest turmoil and crisis. I hate that much of his recognition is rooted in situations like the horrific earthquake in Haiti, or in Katrina. Today, in Haiti, looters were attacking each other for their stolen goods. Anderson Cooper was at the scene shooting video, when a young boy was apparently struck in the head with something. This video is graphic, so if you cannot handle a lot of blood, do not watch. It is impressive how Anderson drops his camera in the midst of a sea of looters to care for the wounded, bloody boy, and to carry him to safety. That is a true Hero, and you  don’t see that from reporters (typically). They are usually more interested in the story, not the people:

For the entire story, Click Here.

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