At Least Thirty Two Reasons to Hate Red Kettles and Bells

It’s that time of year again!

All would be okay in the Christmas season if it weren’t for a little red kettle and a tiny annoying BELL! Oh, how I hate you tiny little bell.

You can’t enter your local mall, Wal-Mart or favorite grocery store without the constant ringing of the tiny annoying bell. Not even Quietus can cure the constant ringing from everyone’s despised Christmas bell. Therefore I’ve compiled a list of reasons to hate this Red Kettle and annoying tiny bell!

32 Reasons to Hate Red Kettles & Bells at Christmas:

  1. In 2012, at least Sixteen (16) men in the Augusta, GA CSRC (residential substance abuse rehab) Program placed their faith in Jesus for Salvation.
  2. In 2012, Sixteen (16) men graduated the Augusta, GA CSRC Program. Many of which now hold jobs, have reconciled with their families and have received a new start in life. That’s an increase of 267% from 2011.

At least 32 lives transformed through one program in 2012.

See. These bells lead to no good!

It’s all the bells and kettles fault! Ridiculous! All of the donations they receive by annoying people with ringing in the ears directly funds programs like the Augusta, GA, CSRC Program.

The CSRC Program is a gospel-centered, nine month residential substance abuse program for men. We do not receive government funding for this program, we only receive private financial support because we will not teach that hope is found in a “higher power,” rather we teach that hope is found in Jesus Christ alone. In order to keep the teaching of the gospel at the center of all we do, this program at the Salvation Army is funded 100% by private finances. So, when you endure the Christmas bell from Hell and you give a generous gift in the Red Kettles, you are directly involved in these lives that have been transformed and created anew in Jesus. You are helping do that!

More Reasons to Hate the Red Kettles and Bells :)

  1. Seasonal Employment: The Salvation Army is able to provide seasonal employment to individuals who are in financial need including the homeless and transients who are being provided some of the many Salvation Army services. Who are you impacting with your donation in the Kettle? Look at your bell ringer. You may be providing him the money he needs to extend his nights at the Emergency Shelter. You may be helping a single mom put food on the table for her children.
  2. Nightly Emergency Shelter for Transients and Homeless: Men who need shelter can receive 8 free nights in the Salvation Army’s overnight emergency shelter. After their 8th free night they can continue to stay for $7 per night (includes dinner through the soup line and breakfast). When you donate through a Red Kettle you are helping fund the shelter and when the bell ringer is a homeless or transient individual, you may be providing him an extended stay in the emergency shelter through his paycheck. The Augusta, GA shelter has an in-house professional counselor available to the men who frequently stay in the shelter to help assist them in getting off the streets and back into normal society again.
  3. Women and Children’s Shelter: The Salvation Army provides shelter for “in need” women and children and/or abused women and children for approximately 30-45 days. Social workers through the Salvation Army work tirelessly each day to help these families obtain permanent housing.
  4. Project Share and Other Social Services: The Salvation Army partners with Georgia Power, the United Way and other local agencies to help assist families who are struggling financially with utilities and rent. As the winter season approaches and utility bills go higher and higher, these services help assist families keep their power and heat on to provide a safe environment for their children.

So,  yes, those tiny bells can be annoying and we all get tired of fundraisers, but this is one opportunity that presents itself one time a year that you can look and see a difference. You can touch the difference through a handshake or a hug from a life that has been transformed. You can hear the difference in the voices of men who have overcome addictions and now teach Bible classes or in women who have come from the depths of despair and now live in a safe home with their children. The impact can be experienced through services provided by men who were once homeless but now are back on their feet and contributing to society once again.

It could be coins one day, a dollar the next; some have given large amounts and others through checks. With modern technology today gifts are given online, no matter how one chooses to give one thing remains true, people are different because of you!

*This is my personal blog. The views, opinions, and statements made within the blog do not reflect the views or opinions of the Salvation Army, they belong to me!*

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