Gotta Learn to Whoop!

I’m going to learn to ‘Whoop’ – I think it will bring a whole new element to New Passion :)

What about you…Can you Whoop?

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Watch All 33 Chilean Miners Rescued One By One

Yesterday was an amazing, miraculous moment as 33 Chilean Miners were rescued after being trapped for 69 days. All 33 miners were rescued alive. Watch this CNN video with a snapshot of each miner being pulled from the mine and greeted by family and loved ones. A report this morning said this was the biggest streamed news event in history…

Anderson Cooper is My Hero

I’ve always enjoyed Anderson  Cooper’s reporting. I don’t particularly like CNN as a network, but Anderson Cooper always seems to shine in the midst of the toughest turmoil and crisis. I hate that much of his recognition is rooted in situations like the horrific earthquake in Haiti, or in Katrina. Today, in Haiti, looters were attacking each other for their stolen goods. Anderson Cooper was at the scene shooting video, when a young boy was apparently struck in the head with something. This video is graphic, so if you cannot handle a lot of blood, do not watch. It is impressive how Anderson drops his camera in the midst of a sea of looters to care for the wounded, bloody boy, and to carry him to safety. That is a true Hero, and you  don’t see that from reporters (typically). They are usually more interested in the story, not the people:

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This is video of, Jasper Sheranga (sp?), the hero who immediately reacted when a terrorist tried to blow an airplane up over U.S. soil on Christmas day as it was descending into Detroit. This is an amazing story of a real life hero. If I was ever in that situation, I’d want to be like Jasper, where I act to stop the situation and not sit paralyzed in my seat while watching myself and all others blow-up. Others who have been interviewed say that Jasper was several seats across and behind the suspect. What an amazing story!

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Click to Play Video

No Name Heroes

In this CNN video, a soldier recalls being shot numerous times by the Terrorist who killed 14 people and wounded 30+ others at Fort Hood last week. He tears up towards the end of the video as he recalls other soldiers who assisted him in getting to safety. Sgt. Kimberly Munley was the civilian police officer who shot and took down terrorist Nidal Malik Hasan. Sgt. Munley will easily be remembered by many for her brave act of heroism, and rightfully so, but after watching this video, I wonder how many of us would be as willing to risk our lives for another or to act with such courage, if we knew that the person we helped or saved in a distressful situation wouldn’t even know our name? How many of us would still ‘risk it’ if we had no chance of having our names posted on the front page of news sites all across the world? Check out the video…

Michael Jackson Still Had It

I read a report that one of the things that was discovered in Michael Jackson’s autoposy is that “he most likely  couldn’t sing anymore” do to the condition his lungs were in. However, CNN, obtained a video of Michael Jackson’s last full dress rehearsal for his upcoming 50 show tour. It looks like from this short video that Michael Jackson still had it when it came to entertainment. He looked as good as a 50 year old performer could and all of the singing parts appeared to be him singing, either that or he was a great lip syncher. Still then, his voice had to get on the recorded tracks :-) Check the video out:

I bet MJ’s final tour would have been awesome! I think this helps put a lot of rumors to rest concerning his ability to perform on the tour. Unfortunately, we will never see the show.

Would You Turn In $10,000?

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Direct your children onto the right path, and when they are older, they will not leave it.
Proverbs 22:6 (NLT)

Moses, the bagboy, found $10,000 in the bathroom of the grocery store where he worked. When you watch the video, you will see that he decided to turn the money into his manager so the owner of the money bag could retrieve their property. In this video, Moses attributes his decision to the lessons that he teaches young children in Sunday School, while in another video, Moses goes on to talk about the lessons he was taught to make ‘Wise Choices’ when he was also young in Sunday School.

As a youth leader, this makes me smile :) – It must make this young man’s parents and youth leaders proud to see some of what they have invested in him stick. I hope as my kids get older what we are trying to teach them will stay with them.

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Brenden Foster Dying Wish Update

Click Photo to Watch Video

Click Photo to Watch Video

11 year old Brenden Foster is no longer with us on this earth, but his legacy will live on. He lost his battle with cancer since I posted the first story about him HERE. As you can see in this new CNN Report, Brenden inspired several groups, including some schools to get involved in helping the homeless who are less fortunate than any of us who have the capabilities of viewing this blog right now.

I wonder how many of us would lie in a hospital bed with only a few days left on this Earth and instead of thinking about the sad state we were in, would spend our time thinking of others and how we could help them? I can’t help but to be inspired by Brenden. I can’t help but to ask myself, “What’s my excuse for sitting still?” I can’t help but to ask, “What’s your excuse for sitting still?Shane preached this morning about “The Kingdom” and his main point was, The Gospel is lived out with your hands and feet, not your body in a seat.

If you live in the CSRA, especially if you attend The Church @ Greenbrier, you can join us at The Augusta Rescue Mission, this Thursday (yes that is Thanksgiving) to serve the poor and homeless a Thanksgiving meal. It starts at 9 a.m. and most people are working until 2 p.m., but you are free to leave earlier if you need to. Join the Conversation, What can you do to make Brenden’s dying wish come true?

Video URL:

You Don’t Have Family In Nigeria!!!

Click Picture to Watch Video

Click Picture to Watch Video

I saw this video on where a lady lost $400,000 to a Nigerian email scam…yes that was $400,000 (dollars)…watch the video to see what all she sold and cashed in for what she thought was going to be a $20 Million Dollar payday. I think the lady in the video says it best, “YOU DON’T HAVE FAMILY IN NIGERIA!” Don’t fall for this scam. ALSO – Check out the 419 Eater website for funny stories and pictures of Nigerian email scammers being scammed by some smart people…they would be the people who did not send $400,000 to a “family” member in Nigeria (These stories are awesome).

Also on the video is a sad, but semi-funny story about an elderly lady who was robbed when she fell for an exploding toilet story by a robber who was wearing a fake water company uniform.

And the third story is about two men who stole an ATM with a stolen fork lift. Watch the video, I am sure you will be entertained. Join the Conversation: What’s the funniest crime story you’ve ever heard or experienced?

What’s Your Excuse?

Brandon Marshall is an 11 year old boy who is dying of Lukemia…he has one dying wish, to feed the homeless, this is a touching story that is well worth your time. Do you have a blog? Share Brandon’s story there. Vision can be shared from a hospital bed.

This is one more example of how Jesus will use anyone to bring about his plans and his purposes, he’ll even use the sick. If you think you’ve got it all together, you may just be eliminating yourself from being a candidate for Christ to use.

I think Brandon may ask, What’s Your Excuse for Sitting on your Butt?

P.S. You may need a box of kleenex.


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