The Bigger Problem with the Starbucks Red Cup Controversy

Nicki and I were traveling to Nashville on Sunday afternoon when I had to take a quick restroom break. I walked up to the urinal and there it was, the infamous gospel tract. I was just about to post a photo of it on Instagram and tell all the Christians in the world how they’re […]

What Christians Can Learn from James Harrison

James Harrison, Outside Linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers, made news this past week when he posted on his Instagram account a photo of two Participation Trophies his sons were given for their involvement in the Next Level Athletics Program. Harrison added a lengthy statement explaining his refusal to allow his sons to be given something […]

CAPTIVE Movie Review

Captive is a great movie that shows anyone HOPE is possible, even in their darkest hours. Here are a few spoiler free things I enjoyed about the movie. After reading my thoughts, make plans to go see #Captive on opening night, Friday, September 18, 2015. Captive is NOT God’s Not Dead and that’s Okay: If […]

Relationship Lessons from Donald Trump

This post is neither for Donald Trump’s candidacy to be President, or against it. This post is simply to highlight important relationship lessons we can learn from Mr. Trump’s campaign; things we can all learn from regardless of political affiliation or who we believe should be the next President. Mr. Trump has never shied away […]