A Love Letter From God

My friend Hank Murphy sang this song at our CSRA See You At the Pole Event last night. I like what he told the students…”Just listen to this love letter from God to You…” I love this song, its called “How He Loves Us.” – I found this video on You Tube with it being […]

What Is Kingdom Day?

So I opened my big mouth and I am in the middle of watching something HUGE unfold right in front of my very eyes, and it has nothing to do with me, this is seriously a GOD thing, and I am blown away that in the last week I have had the opportunity to be […]

Conversations with a 5 Year Old

…about new sister and Jesus. Gavin was in the bathtub at MeMaw’s house yesterday and here was their conversation (some of which is not exact word for word being that it was told to me, but was totally unaided and unprovoked…straight from a 5 year old’s brain & heart to his lips): Gavin: “We need […]

Get Reel: Rambo (Sunday’s Message)

Thanks to all who prayed for me this past Sunday as I preached in an Adult service for the first time in 2 years. Yes, I was nervous. Yes, I was worried that I would go over my given time…All a perfect recipe for a disaster. So, who knows the outcome, except Christ and those […]